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        TG高溫液下泵 /TG Series of High-Temperature Sump Pump

            TG系列高溫液下泵系列吸收國外先進的技術和經驗,結合國內實踐的基礎上進行設計的。它填補了國內立式高溫泵的空白,達到了國際先進水平,是用戶節省投資,替代進口的最佳產品,其具有功能完善,效率高,壽命長的特點。TG 系列高溫液下泵具有基本型TG,夾套型TGJ和非夾套型TGF三種結構型式。主要用于輸送如瀝青、液體硫磺等、熔鹽、熱油等高溫,清潔,中性或具有腐蝕性的液體。


            TG series of high temperature pump is designed by absorbing foreign advanced technology and experience,while combining the domestic practice. It fills the domestic blank of high temperature vertical pump,reaching the international advanced level,becoming the best product for saving user investment and replacing imported products. It has perfect function,high efficiency and long life characteristics .TG series of high-temperature sump pump has three structural types, the  basic TG,jacketed TGJ and non- jacketed TGF.TG series of is Mainly used to transport high temperature, clean, neutral or corrosive liquids,such as asphalt,liquid sulfur,molten salt,hot oil,etc. 

        流量 Capacity 2~400m3/h

        揚程 Head 5~100m

        溫度 Temperature~ 500℃

        壓力 Pressure~ 1.6MPa